Shaukat Altaf Mujtaba


Hey there!

I’m Shaukat Altaf Mujtaba, a trading enthusiast and expert from Pakistan. My background in business analytics and my subsequent education in the subject matter drove me to pursue a career in finance-related fields. It taught me that the market requires an in-depth understanding of its components. The most important aspect of any market is its dynamism. This aspect is also very prevalent in all of my writings as I try to explain to my readers its importance. Once you have these cardinal rules down, you are bound to achieve results!

I graduated from Karachi School of Business and Leadership back in 2011 and developed a knack for acquiring knowledge about various subjects. I found the trading world an intriguing place to begin my quest. I began to study different materials and watched YouTube channels to build an image of this world in my mind. However, most of all, I was helped by communication with experts and learning to trade in practice. Once you read all the things that I have to say, you will understand exactly what I’m talking about.

Once I started trading, my knowledge began to take shape. I have spent months on this, and it was not an easy way! However, the outcome is that you have all of my experience at your fingers. This experience is reflected in everything I try to teach to my audiences.

I have various other interests that fuel passion in my life. I am a huge cricket fan, and the national team is a hot topic in eleven of the twelve months of the year. If I’m not busy trading or writing about it, I analyse the team’s performance. Sports love purposeful people. The same can be said about trading: to achieve more, you need to make an effort. There will always be ups and downs, but traders will always feel fulfilled and be on top by the end of the day. If you know what you are doing and are good at it, you will get positive results. Another aspect that can be used in this case is that if you strive for a goal by learning and improving your skills, then you will achieve results (in sports and trading).

As a learner, you must be willing to soak up knowledge like a sponge. Talking to your peers about trading can help you, as it helped me. Reading articles about how to trade and asking questions can be an efficient activity.

Being disciplined and cautious can also be helpful in this profession. These qualities have helped me save quite a lot of my investments. I hope to impart this attitude through my writings that can be found on the site.