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All about Binomo mobile trading app in Pakistan


The increasing number of online trading platforms is a consequence of the stellar growth in financial markets around the globe. It is quite challenging to find a suitable online trading platform. However, one of them stands out, especially from a Pakistani point of view.

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Binomo is a reliable platform where users from over 130 countries invest and trade. It has a user-friendly trading app available in 13 languages, including Urdu/Hindi. The trading company was set up by a corporation called Dolphin Corp. So, for almost seven years, Binomo has been enabling new and experienced traders to trade online and get additional income if their forecast is correct. The mobile app is the best part of the Binomo platform. It allows users to access trades from anywhere conveniently. This review explains where you can get the Binomo mobile app from and how it works.

What is the Binomo mobile app: benefits

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The Binomo app was launched a few years ago. It is designed for traders who want to invest and trade online through their phones and other mobile devices. Binomo offers so many advantages through the trading app that traders feel liberated and not stuck to their PCs. For those who would like a safe service for investing and trading from a wireless mobile device, then the Binomo mobile app is for them.

People often travel and can’t be seated in front of their desktop screens. For times such as those, this app is perfect. It offers the technicalities of the Binomo website; however, it is much more accessible.

Another benefit of the Binomo app is that it is available for iOS and Android devices. It can also be downloaded on mobile and tablet devices, adding accessibility features. You can learn more about the specifics of downloading this app from the play store in one of the sections below.

Notifications from the app alert the traders constantly. It makes them more aware of what is happening in the trading world. It also notifies them about important events on Binomo, such as tournaments and promotion campaigns.

Just like the PC version, the Binomo app includes video tutorials, a demo account, and other educational sections. Especially useful for beginners is the Help Center (it’s like Wikipedia), which contains answers to the most popular questions about the platform.

binomo app store binomo google play


binomo mobile app

It is also important to refer to some of the cons of the app in this section. The app does not have many disadvantages, so that this section will be a short read.

Minus the Binomo app is not available in some regions of the world. For example, it is not available in some European countries.

If you are a detail-loving trader, then this next minus can be a dealbreaker for you. The Binomo app is less detailed than for the PC. Due to limited functionality, this aspect of the app is considered a con. But it doesn’t affect trading in any way!

Where to download the Binomo app?

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To download the application on your phone, open your Google Play or App Store and search for “Binomo.” Recognize the black and yellow logo and verify that the app is genuine. You can do this by seeing the reviews and the manufacturer/publisher of the app.

Download the Binomo trading app and log in to it with your credentials. Click the sign-up button if that’s your first time using the platform, and follow the on-screen instructions.

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For iOS and Android

Both iOS and Android users can download the Binomo app free for smartphones and tablets from their respective app stores.

Android users who can’t download the mobile app from Google Play should not look for a hack. There is a secure version of APK; the link will take you to the official Binomo website to download the file for free. You can enjoy all the benefits of the trading platform, similar to the app from the Google Play/Apple store, by using this APK file.

binomo app store binomo google play

For PC

You can’t download the Binomo app on your PC. You won’t find any Binomo software for PCs (both for Windows and Mac OS). At the moment, the app works on mobile phones and tablets. However, you can log in to Binomo through a web version using your browser and watch all the tournaments, tutorials, strategies, etc.


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It is reasonable to conclude that Binomo offers many diverse advantages through its user-friendly app. It is essential to be aware of financial risks, such as losing funds, partially or totally, in each trade when it comes to online trading. Binomo does not make any promises to its users for continued success.

Suppose you are willing to accept those risks and understand that the result you will get depends on your trading education and experience. In that case, Binomo stands out as an exclusive online trading partner. With its app and service, Binomo provides some advantages and opportunities for users. Try the mobile trading app and see for yourself.

Author: Shaukat Altaf Mujtaba

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