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Investing and trading through online platforms has become a frequent feature of the rapidly growing financial markets worldwide. However, that is not an exemplary aspect of the market. It is challenging to locate a secure platform that you can trust. Along with security, a trader should also look for features of the platform such as a user-friendly interface, a handy app, exclusive advantages and bonuses, fast withdrawal, good training and education resources, etc.

These elements are essential to the trading experience; however, getting all of them on one platform is difficult. But one such platform tries to cover all of these elements – Binomo. Read this review to learn more about its features for users’ cash empowerment.

What’s important to know about Binomo?

What is binomo
Binomo ensures its place amongst the world’s top trading platforms, thanks to a convenient service in the trading field. The international company started its services in 2014. It is also officially registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (where the company’s head office is located). Since then, it has expanded exponentially and is now available in over 130 countries, including Pakistan.

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Dolphin Corp created the platform to be a safe outlet for many traders worldwide. The idea is realized through a practical app and website. Binomo offers its services in 13 languages, including English and Hindi/Urdu. This focus on customer satisfaction results in an increase in the number of platform users every year.

Note! The trading process does not require any agents since you manage your investments and open trades yourself on the Binomo platform.

All about main advantages of Binomo

binomo trading platform
The benefits of using the platform for investment and trading purposes also can be elaborated upon in a more specific way. Here are some of the advantages that provides:

  • Round the clock trading

The amount of time taken with online trading processes is concerning. However, with Binomo, the customers do not have to wait. They can open up many trades at once and trade without any hurdles. The trading flow continues effortlessly for everyone on the platform and does not stop for the weekend.

  • Free training and education

A trader needs to be aware of the basic elements of online trading. The education on the platform needs to be provided thoroughly and efficiently. Binomo has a lot of resources that convey such education: free video tutorials, the Help Center (FAQ), training materials, a section with a detailed description of strategies, a demo account for practice. It helps both novice and experienced traders improve their knowledge and skills.

  • User data security

Binomo also does its best to assure the safety of its traders’ funds and identities during the trading process. For example, to withdraw funds, bank information and other financial/ personal information are necessary to verify identities. The SSL protocol for the internet encrypts all the information that Binomo has. This adds another layer of security. In this way, traders can safely invest and trade without fear for their data.

Additional features of Binomo

binomo website
The practical navigation and user-friendly interface can be listed as another good quality feature of the Binomo platform. It also includes a variety of high-end analytical tools and an integrated economic calendar so that users can trade efficiently.

Furthermore, customer support with chat opportunities allows for higher customer satisfaction rates. The tournaments feature of Binomo, which will be giving more details about, also is an outstanding one. Another plus is educational support for beginners. So, let’s take a closer look at that.

Free trial

binomo demo account
Users can choose from four types of accounts. Binomo offers a demo account as the first choice amongst the four. It is developed to train traders and is operated with a virtual $10000. With these funds, the users get trading educated and develop their skills by trading on real-world charts.


Binomo tournaments are another experience that users can test their trading skills with. These contests also enable the users to see how their education went and get extra profit.

There are two types of Binomo tournaments: paid and free. Each of these comes with its own prizes fund. You can get into tournaments through any device that can be used to access Binomo. Click the trophy logo on the website or app to learn more about each tournament.

Affiliate program

If you are not ready yet to invest and trade, Binomo offers another way to earn additional income. Please take advantage of the BinPartner affiliate program: attract new traders to the platform and get a percentage of their profits. You can learn more about the conditions of this program on the partner’s official website:

The Help Center and Support

binomo faq
You can learn more about what Binomo is and how does it work, withdrawals, and other essentials of trading (or the platform itself) from the Help Center. In fact, it is like Wikipedia, which talks about the functions and capabilities of the platform and answers other questions from users.

Binomo also has a support team that includes specialists that are always there to help traders through an email address You can also contact them through the online chat or ask questions to the bot on Binomo.

Register on Binomo and get $10000 to your demo account

What do Quora and forums say about Binomo?

Binomo has a lot of positive reviews on many websites, including Quora. This investment company also has a good reputation on Linkedin.

Here are a few reviews from users on the web:

Faisal Zia: “Binomo is a good broker, despite being a new entry into the market. I am from Pakistan and have been trading for some time now. I saw a Binomo ad on the internet, trying its demo version. I made my first deposit and started the process!”

Paridhi Jain: “I liked Binomo from day one, whether it’s customer support or strategy explanation; it’s a seamless platform.”

Pooja Ahluwalia: “I have been using the platform for three months, and I have become quite proficient after practicing on a demo. Binomo is a great place for those who are new to trading like me.”

Summary of Binomo

binomo platform
Binomo is an online investing and trading platform that provides an excellent and secure service with a variety of exclusive opportunities for both beginners and experienced traders.

It is essential to be aware of the financial field’s risks. You can lose the deposit partly or totally, not getting additional income in case of an incorrect forecast. However, if you accept such risks, Binomo might be a reliable and convenient partner for you. Also, do not forget to improve your trading and analysis skills because the final result depends on them.

Author: Shaukat Altaf Mujtaba

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